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But I want the ball.............

Little Barb is so darn sweet.

She loves to play with a ball. She chases it endlessly if given the chance.

She found a ball that wasn't hers. It was put up on the bureau early in the day. She remembered in the evening that it had been somewhere in room up high out of reach.

She patiently sat and cried hoping that she'd get the ball back.

We had a chat to let her know the reasons she wasn't able to have the ball back.

She didn't seem to impressed with the reasons. She continued to sit in anticipation that things would change and she'd get to have it back.

Sometimes there are things in life that we'd like to have and we don't always get the things that we want and sometimes we whine and cry about those things.

We figure the longer we sit and cry about what's not happening that eventually things will change and we'll get what we were whinning about.

It's not always the case. Have you recently spent time whinning or crying about something you think you'd like to have?

Perhaps the opportunity is to reconsider what it is we think we want, why we want it, is there a reason we're not getting it and what else is available to us to consider that would truly be what we want.

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