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I thought your world revolved around me?

The disheartening realization the owner had as her tribe of pups walked off with a stranger without hesitation.

The surprise was palatable both in her voice and her expression.

We live for our pups. We love our pups unconditionally and we assume they love us equally.

The owner had travelled for hours from one city to the other to attend to some family obligations. The space she was going to be staying in and the activities on hand weren’t conducive for having the three pups with her.

So, they came to stay with me the pet sitter.

I chuckled as her words echoed in my mind. “I thought your world revolved around me”.

It’s so true isn’t it, that for the most part each of us on the planet believes that things in life are all about us. We’re concerned constantly and continually about how life is affecting us. What life is doing to us and not necessarily what we’re doing to life.

We’re oblivious in so many ways. We’re not only oblivious to what is going on around us, we’re oblivious to the fact that we’re primarily concerned about ourselves and how the activities of the day as they unfold affect or impact us.

We think about what we must do for the day, we think about the things we didn’t accomplish the day before and we spend time worrying about what’s coming. We’re worrying or stressing about what’s going to happen in the future even if the future is just a few hours or days from now.

I thought your world revolved around me. Really feel the impact of that statement. Does it speak to you and if so, how does it speak to you?

Basically, we all want and desire to be loved. Loved to our core for who we are. Loved unconditionally and without exception of what we do, how we think or how we behave.

We all have this deep inner longing to be accepted unconditionally and more than just loved and accepted, really liked for the person that we are.

And yet we don’t necessarily love and like who we are deep down. A lot of people, perhaps a majority, have some inner disconnect of complete acceptance of who they are.

We struggle at times with the thoughts that we have about ourselves. Outwardly punishing ourselves and not realizing that is what we’re doing. We punish ourselves in a variety of ways.

Overeating, working too many hours, exercising too much or not enough. Engaging in conflict with people that we love and care about.

We have self-critical thoughts about our appearance, our abilities or lack of abilities, talents, and skills.

We give up on dreams and hopes we had for the future. We stay in relationships that aren’t good for us.

We sacrifice things that are important to us and give our power away in the hope that the person we’re sacrificing to will in return make more of an effort to show us or tell us that they love us and will protect and take care of us.

The love we feel with our pets can be so fulfilling. They don’t judge us. They rely on us; they give our life meaning and purpose and they reward us by showering us with love and affection.

They make us feel good. They make us feel worthwhile, important and they bring enjoyment to our life.

The responsibilities that come with having pets, dogs, give us a sense of meaning, they build structure and routine into our days.

They also provide company for us, especially if we happen to live alone. If you are a person who lives alone, the world doesn’t feel quite so lonely when you wake up to these living breathing beings that are excited to see you.

How can you not feel loved when your pups regardless of their age jump up and down, wag their tails and follow your every step around the room anticipating your interaction with them?

They just exude love and affection.

We all want to feel loved, accepted, and important in the lives of other people.

We should want to feel loved, accepted, and important in our life and towards ourselves. That’s not always the case and in some situations, it’s a practice that we need to learn and adopt.

How would you feel today if you were to treat yourself with the same degree of love, appreciation, kindness, and patience with yourself that you do with your pets? With those loving, adorable, soft, cuddly, and affectionate pups that you cater to every day.

What if your world revolved around you from the center of your heart and then grew from there?

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