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Just buy cheap mats

A comment was made to me to just buy cheap mats to put down in my home to deal with dogs that have accidents in the house when they are staying with me.

It's taken some time for me to absorb the point or value of the message and what the intention behind the statement is about.

Dogs do have accidents in the house at times when they are staying with me. And for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes it truly is an 'accident'. Othertimes it is not.

I've had dogs that have literally just finished doing their business outside in the appropriate areas and then come into the house and intentionally go again inside the house on the carpet.

That is NOT an accident, nor is it acceptable or something that can be dealt with just by having 'cheap mats' on the floor.

The living room has wall to wall carpet in it. Whether there is a carpet of any sort on top of the living room carpet as soon as a dog urinates or defecates on the carpeting every other dog is going to smell the odor even after it's been cleaned.

Aside from whether another dog smells it or not, who wants to have a dog pee or poop in their home? I certainly don't. This is my HOME. It's not an animal shelter or a dog kennel or boarding facility. It's a private residential home in which I reside and care and love the pups that come and stay with me.

I've had the experience with dogs that have had 'accident's' in the house because they're mad at their owners for leaving them while they've gone away.

The pups are happy in their surroundings and for the length of their stay, however sometimes in the first part of the visit as they're adjusting it's obvious that they're annoyed at their owners because of course they love them and have no reason to understand why they're not together.

The problem is that if one dog has an accident in the house such as pooping then the next dog that comes in detects the scent and assumes that it's the place to do it's thing.

So what does having cheap mats do to resolve the issue? Does that mean the dog should be allowed to do their business on the cheap mats and then what do I do throw them out?

Do I clean the cheap mats? How attractive are the cheap mats? Do I determine the decor of my home based on the availability, style and design of the cheap mats?

If a pup has an accident on the kitchen floor because it's linoleum that's a different situation. It's far easier to clean and disinfect. Still either way it's just not a great experience to have dogs having accidents in the house especially if it's uncalled for.

Dogs do feel stress for a variety of reasons. The adjustment to a new environment, new people and the absence of their regular people without any understanding of where they've gone, why they've gone and how they'll be gone for I'm sure could be quite unsettling for them.

When a pup arrives for the first time visit with me the first thing we do is go for a walk in the yard and the neighbourhood to give them a chance to take in all the scents and smells and become familiar with their new surroundings.

They'll always mark their territory as they explore the new environment.

Next we'll enter the house together and they will dash around searching and sniffing the floors, the furniture, and the walls attempting to determine where they are.

We'll decide on a suitable and comfortable spot for their beds to go or their crates if they have one.

I'll introduce them to the spot where their water dishes are kept. And from there we work to get settled in together.

I relax, they relax and we get acquainted with one another as our day unfolds. As I look around my home enjoying the company of my newest pet guest(s) I appreciate that I don't have to look at cheap mats and trust that I won't have any reason to consider getting some.

Hopefully, there will be no accidents.

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