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Sweet Sweet Miley

Miley came to visit for the day for the first time and what a treat it was to have her sweet loving playful puppy energy to light up our day.

Six months old she's energetic, friendly, loves other pups and people.

She's trusting, curious, and so well behaved.

She met Odin for the first time who's a whole lot BIGGER and yet just a pup himself. All of 4 months.

The thing I love about young puppies is their enthusiasm for life, their curiosity about exploring their environments and of course how playful they are.

Puppies bring out the excitement in our hearts for living life fully. Being fully present to the quality of joy we experience.

Much in the same way we are touched deeply when we look into the eyes of a newborn baby and experience in awe of the miracle of life, puppies fill our hearts with a love that is so deep it can take our breath away.

Simply we can't take in enough of their loving energy, their enthusiasm for life, and the trusting manner in which they know that we will care for them dearly whether their visiting as puppy guest or we're their actual owner(s).

Thank you Miley for touching my heart, loving and playing with Odin in such crazy ways. You made us all laugh and giggle in amazement at the antics between the two of you.

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