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Serving Nanaimo with the following

Pet Boarding

We provide in-home pet boarding services for all ages and breeds of healthy dogs.

We provide overnight in-home care. Your pup comes and lives with me as if it was their own home.

Includes daily walks planned around your pups regular level of activity and ability.

Supervised mealtimes as per your pups regular schedule.

Drop off and pick up times are scheduled based on your travel schedule.

Services include stays for as little as one day or up to three weeks.

Bedding, food and water dishes provided.

Pet Boarding: prices range from
$ 45.00 - $ 90.00

Pick up and drop off services are available for an additional fee of $ 25.00 each way.

The additional fee for holidays is $ 25.00.

Dog Walking

If you can’t be there, we can! It’s impossible to be in two places at once and yet we often feel that tug at our hearts when our precious pups need care and attention, and we have to be at work. Do you have a high energy pup that just can’t wait until the end of the day to unleash all that pent up energy?

Dog walking services are available to put your mind at ease while you’re at work, attending to duties or chores or any other reasons that demand your time and attention away from the house.

Dog walking services are available for walking in your neighborhood. 15 minute/1/2 hour or 1-hour walks.

Trail hikes are available for 1 -2 hours.

Dog Walking: prices range from
$ 25.00 - $ 45.00.

Trail Hikes $ 45.00 and up depending on length of hike and number of dogs.


Drop in visits for Dogs

For the times you’re not able to be at home and your pup needs an outdoor break in their day to stretch their legs, do their business and take in some fresh air, we offer drop-in visits.

Water bowls are checked and topped up if needed. If you would like them to have a treat during the drop in visit you can leave the treats on the counter with clear instructions of what they can have, when and where in the house. Treats are given under supervision to ensure there’s no chance of them choking unexpectedly.

Drop in visits for dogs: prices range from
$ 35.00 and up.

Additional fees for holidays.

Drop in visits for cats

Drop in visits for cats are available and include feeding, changing their water bowls, giving treats, scooping and/or cleaning and changing their litter boxes.

Playtime and brushing their coats (if they’re not hiding under the bed!). Topical ointments can be applied if needed during the drop-in visit with clearly written instructions. Additional fees required.

Drop in visits for cats: prices range from
$35.00 and up.

Additional fees for administering any oral and topical medicinal ointments, prescriptions, or supplements.

We do not administer insulin medications of any sort. Additional fees for holidays.

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